Mistress Henriette | Femdom Barcelona | Dungeon Boudoir BDSM
The classical BDSM Room


In a classy vintage steampunk look, the BDSM room offers us a bondage table, a punishment horse, St. Andrew's cross, masks, gags, bondage toys, restraints, a school classroom area with benches and wall board, as well as a sitting area where I make myself comfortable while my foot slaves kneel at my feet to pleasure me.

There is still enough room to put on one of my saddles for my ponies and horses to train them, or to play with my doggies on a parcours.


A paradise in rosé and baby blue at the first sight, but when you look up you see the bars to which I will attach you.

Also my collection of dildos, strap ons and other play-tools have already let lots of girlies extend their limits..

The biggest fun of your Dominatrix is to push you a little further.

I have a selection of wigs , dresses, lingerie, shoes and make up.

If you have own stuff ,you are welcome to bring it, but it is always the decision of your Mistress what you will wear.

Knowing your Hard Limits, I will feminize and transform you into a school-girl, vamp, slut , sissy slave or maid.

Your Mistress knows what`s best for you.

Come as you are and leave the way I have shaped you.

The sissy Room
The prison block


My Prison Block is creepy beautiful.

From the spooky narrow corridor drowned in red light, there are three prison cells and a torture cell leading off.

Renovated vintage Fridge Rooms with ventilation and fresh air give enough place to walk around, a 180x90 bed, a little table with a light and a fan.

The sound of the heavy doors will certainly teach you respect.

Contact me or overnight and long term imprisonments.


Minimalistic, but offering me everything to make you confess.

This is where I conduct my infamous piss-boarding interrogations that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Once I put on my heavy vinyl apron dating back to 1925, there's no turning back for you.

I especially love to interrogate and torture in the Russian and Japanese way. If you are a wimp, you can still choose the EU compliant interrogation.

From sensory deprivation, humiliation, fear production and torture methods from totalitarian states, you can expect everything here.

(Taking into account your limits)

The torture Room
The medical room


My small but smart Medical Room is equipped with a gynocological chair, an infusion stand, inhalation device from Studio Gum and all kinds of medical equipment made of high-quality material for a hygienically perverted and safe intervention.


A dark cold hard space all in black ,where I torture you on the CBT chair, a glory hole wall for the shy suckers of my strap on and other items and many other small and big cruelties will here be waiting for you soon.

The torture Room