Welcome to my Detention Center

Detention Center

One wing of my dungeon I have converted into a Detention Center.

It contains 3 prisoner cells with closed massive metal doors, a torture and interrogation cell, the large interrogation room, the medical.

I have the possibility to offer total imprisonment in darkness, isolation and /or total restraint.

In my Detention Center there are several programs you can choose from.

They differ in length and intensity. From 12 hours up to several days or weeks, as pure detention or with a full day programme.

But one thing will always be the case:

From the moment you enter my center, you are my prisoner.

What can you expect?

After reservation, each prospective detainee receives a questionnaire.

Based on the information received and our personal preliminary discussions, I create an individual stay for each detainee.

I do not work with ready-made standard programmes that I stubbornly "work through" with each prisoner.

My schedules and work plans are as individual as my prisoners.

I offer the following role plays, among others, during the long-term stay:

Prison, Blacksite, Reform School, Psychiatric/Hospital, Animal Shelter, Bootcamp, Slave Training School, Sissy Academy.

Any other fantasy? Contact me.

The programme models

All programs include the following procedures:

The Entrance Inspection

where the rules and the cell order will be explained.

Your belongings will be taken and locked away, you will be showered and given your prisoner clothes.

The Release

here we will have a recapitulating talk and your belongings will be returned to you.


Structured day from 9h to 21h.

Interrogations, punishments, drills and tasks that will push you to your physical and psychological limits.

Including three meals. Night rest at 21h.


Structured 12 hours day.

Interrogations, punishments, drills and tasks that will break you in only 12 hours.

Including two meals.

For detailed information contact me.

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